Final Project Presentation and Demo Guidelines

Due to COVID-19 the students must create an online presentation. All the members of the team must contribute to the presentation. The presentation must be 7-10 mins. You must also create a 5-min demo video of your application. Please see SLATE for details.

You must upload 3 files to the Dropbox:

  1. Main Presentation file (PowerPoint, Google slides, MS word, etc)  presentation.(pptx | pdf | docx)
  2. Presentation Video: presentation.mp4 (up to 10 mins).
  3. Application Demo: demo.mp4 file (up to 5 mins).

Files uploaded to the Assignment Dropbox must be 1GB or smaller.

Students working in a group/team must email the professor the Peer Evaluation Form for each member of the team.

I. Technicalities

You will have 10 minutes for the project presentation and 5 mins for the application demo. Everyone from the team must contribute to a presentation.

You absolutely must show how your application works on the Android emulator or Android phone.

II. What to present

At the beginning of the presentation include a slide that shows the name of your project and lists everyone on the team.

The next slide should provide project outline. What have you built?
State the rationale for your project. Why it made sense to build your system, why it is needed. Are there similar products?

Briefly discuss Hybrid Mobile development aspects of your project, such as frameworks, requirements, performance, software architecture, development tools, testing, etc.

You are free to choose the structure of your presentation.

III. Demo

Run your application. Demonstrate what it does for its users. You must show that your application functions properly.

The speakers should talk through a structured demo of the application, including some typical use cases.

Try an "end-to-end" demo from startup through typical usage.

Try to use realistic cases and examples, which you should prepare in advance.

IV. How to Present

Professional-looking audio/visual material is extremely important. Split the presentation time about evenly among the members of your team. Rehearse the hand-off!

You must demonstrate the working application. The demo video should include a talk-through. In case your application doesn't work or you don't have a demo ready then you can show screenshots to describe the finished product. However, you will be heavily penalized for that.

V. Recommendations

You can create video files using ink2go or Microsoft Expression Encoder. Expression Encoder Screen Capture creates a .xesc video file that can be uploaded to YouTube and then download from YouTube as .mp4 file.

Rehearse your presentation and demo, and time the duration of each part. This is critical for staying on time!

For each presentation slide or demo page, know the points you want to make. Make them and move to the next point.

If you have too much material/functionality, do not attempt to cram everything into your time slot. Instead, give a general overview and then focus on one or two highlights.

Your presentation will penalized if you exceed the allocated time.

Tuesday August 4th, 2020.
© Alex Babanski