Guide for writing Project Proposal

This is a summary of how to write good, concise proposal for the course project. Note that some sections may not apply to your proposal, and this outline should be used as a general guide only.

  1. Introduction

    Must be 1-3 paragraphs:
    • Summarize the motivation and proposed solution (2-10 sentences)
  2. Motivation

    Must be 2-5 paragraphs:
    • What is the history of the problem?
    • Why is this problem interesting?
    • When and why does the problem occur?
    • Are there any similar systems or solutions to the one you propose (please check Google Play store)?
      If so, reference and very briefly explain cons and pros of them.
    • Will your project be based on existing solutions? Do you propose improvements to current solutions?
    • Where and how your solution will be used?
  3. Proposed Solution

    What in general will this project achieve? How is it related to the previous Motivation part?
    • Architecture and Environment (3-7 paragraphs + figures/sketches/wireframes)
      • Describe in detail the project environment (libraries, frameworks, hardware, database, project structure, etc.)
      • Prototype, diagrams, and figures should be used if appropriate.
      • Comprehensive technical details must be given on API calls, storage details, plugins, etc
    • Deliverables (3-5 paragraphs - point-form may be used for some of the description)
      • What will the project produce? (frontend application, backend website, data visualization, report, etc.)
      • Describe all the important features.
      • You may wish to separate deliverables into phases and indicate optional components given time.
      • Indicate if you can't deliver all the features but will be working on the project in the future.
      • Emphasize what your project contributes or achieves vs already available solutions!
  4. References

Important! The project proposal must be in line with Final Project Requirements (you'll find previous year proposals and presentations there as well).

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