Project report and Code submission requirements

The final project report is essentially revised project proposal where you focus on what was done, problems you've experienced, provide technical details and discuss possible future work.

This outline should be used as a general guide only.

You must submit MS Word report.docx or PDF file report.pdf and file that does NOT include plugins, node_modules and/or files/directories created during compilation.

Not committing node_modules or plugins directories implies you need to list all the modules in the package.json (and package-lock.json) file as a mandatory step. Otherwise the npm operations might break if you don't.

Please initialize a new project in a different directory, copy the application and config files (package.json, config.xml, etc) to the new directory and create file right away.
Verify that the project compiles and runs without any issues (run npm install and npm start). Please make sure you compile the project AFTER you create file.

Please note: Project report won't be accepted without Presentation Files and Peer Evaluation form. Every student working in a team must email the Peer Evaluation form for each member of the team.

  1. Introduction

    Must be 1-3 paragraphs:
    • Summarize the motivation and problem (2-10 sentences).
  2. Motivation

    Must be 2-5 paragraphs:
    • What is the history of the problem?
    • Why is this problem interesting?
    • When and why does the problem occur?
    • Are there any similar systems or solutions on the marker already? If so, reference and very briefly explain them.
    • Where / how your application can be used?
  3. Project Details

    What did you achieve in your final project? How is it related to the previous Motivation part?
    • Architecture and Environment (2-5 paragraphs + figures/screenshots).
      • Describe the project environment (libraries, frameworks, hardware, organizations, etc.).
      • Provide in-depth technical details on API calls, databases, storage formats, etc.
      • Provide , diagrams or figures (if appropriate).
    • Features (3-5 paragraphs - point-form may be used for some of the description).
      • Describe in relative detail all the features of the application and emphasize unique ones!
      • Provide screenshots of important UI elements (example: login screen, calendar, graphs, chats, etc).
  4. Summary and Future Work

    Must be 1-2 paragraph(s):
    • Summarize the project including the problem, motivation, and proposed solution, and re-state important contributions.
    • Indicate any problems you've experienced and discuss what can be done in the future (if applicable).
  5. References

    • List all the references used.

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