This is a tentative schedule of what we'll be covering in class each week, along with dates for assignments, exercises, and exams.
Note that this is subject to change, so check this page frequently! Go Back.

WeekDatesTopics CoveredTestsAssignments/Labs Due
Week 1 May 18 - May 24 Introduction to the course.
C Programming Fundamentals.
Scope of variables.
Libraries and Functions.
Week 2 May 25 - May 31 Pass-by-Value in C.
Storage Classes. Type casting.
Pre-processor directives.
Pointers and Arrays.
Characters and Strings.
Week 3 June 1 - June 7 Strings and Pointers. String-copy functions.
Void and NULL Pointers. const qualifier.
Memory layout of a program. Dynamic Memory Management in C.
Quiz N1 (5%)
Week 4 June 8 - June 14 Streams. File I/O in C.
Array of pointers.
Pointer to a Pointer. Dynamic arrays.
Midterm Part N1 (15%) Assignment N1 (7.5%)
Week 5 June 15 - June 21 Structures, enumerations and unions.
Pointers to Structures. Pointers within a structure.
User-defined types.
Week 6 June 22 - June 28 Array of Structures.
Linked Lists: Operations, implementations and applications.
Midterm Part N2 (15%) Assignment N2 (7.5%)
Tuesday August 4th, 2020.
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